Student Essay On Gun Control In America

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Meanwhile anyone who actually did their research could easily see that he was not fit to purchase a firearm.Shootings at K–12 schools shock us because schools are generally safe havens from the gun violence that is so prevalent elsewhere.A report issued by the US Departments of Education and Justice found that between 19, at least 50 times as many murders of young people ages 5–18 occurred away from school than at school.We should require permits, licenses and extensive background checks on anyone who wants to purchase a firearm.People with mental illnesses should never be able to purchase any kind of firearm.According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, “More than 30 people knew about disturbing behavior by Nikolas Cruz, including displaying guns, threatening to murder his mother and killing animals,”.There was even a tip to the FBI that went completely untouched. The signs were there, the FBI was notified, yet nothing was done.Federal and state laws ensuring that schools are gun-free zones have helped make K–12 schools even safer, significantly reducing gun violence in these places.School-associated student homicide rates decreased after the federal laws restricting guns within 1,000 feet of schools were adopted in the early 1990s, There is no reason to believe such proposals will help curb those rare instances of gun violence at school.According to the NCSL Florida Gun Laws : That means that as long as a person hasn’t been committed to a mental institution, they can still conceal carry a firearm.Anyone who is mentally ill, regardless of if they’ve been to an institution, should not be allowed to purchase or conceal carry a gun.


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