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There are different types of the marketing plans are used for the best operation of these research tools the strategic planning process of the smart phone consists of different types of the factors.The strategic planning process of the smart phone plays an important for the formulation of the firm planning activities in the organisation.

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According to Porter Generic Strategies (1980) Primark is following cost leadership Strategy in retail clothing market.

The success of this strategy is based on access to cheap resources and buying in bulk.

Survey also shows that the cheap clothing market consumers will increase in the future and there is no sign of growth in market value over the next five years (Market Report 2008).

Primark face intense competition due to number of competitors (Appendix 1).

The Nokia company is now operating away from there previous marketing techniques like the advertising and the print media and now is is converting these elements into social media and the digital type of the campaigns.

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which will allow the firm to take part in targeting their customers in the consumer market, now the Nokia is going to dominate their other rival in market competition like the apple and the other android smart phones in the market if u look at previous history then in 2011 the Nokia allows with their only 2% of their market share with respect to the Apple and Android which got 28% and 39% respectively The one of the the biggest strategic planning is being used in mobile handset in us with only 40 percent of the mobile used in USA are using smart phones now the main thing and strategic planning for the Nokia is to increase there market share in order to achieve its main profits goals The main type of the another strategy is to increase their main customers value through there main products positioning in the consumer market, now the Nokia is going to collaborates with the main Smartphone company which allows the Nokia to differentiate their products from the consumer market.

The consumer behaviour are type of the elements which are used for the advertising and the main environment of the consumer market so the main reaction of the consumer market is to analyze that how they can capture their consumer market how the buying pattern are available in market The market segmentation of the smart phone includes the product preference with respect to their customers that whey style and what technology and the customers service and the main promotional styles are required for the consumer preferences, The market segmentation is one of the primarily goal of the any organising in order to plan the Nokia to their products the Nokia must look the proper market channel and the market areas where all of the products can be analyzed .

the most important thing is to research new market.

this deals about the planning processes which are used in articulating all of the organisational goals an example is the children their families health system 2010 after that the next thing involves about the articulating the whole firm strategies which are used for the achievement of the results.

the Marketing Planning are different types of the strategies which are used for the marketing plan of the Smartphone which tells that how the planning process for the smart phone can be improved what production tools are used for the designing of the planning process of the business The statistical reports analyze that the new smart phones like the Nokia effectively changing its main marketing approach.


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