Stephen Hawking Research Papers

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The problem with this theory, though, is that it’s based on general relativity.

In recent years, as our understanding of quantum theory has improved, numerous conflicts have arisen, especially in places where both theories apply — such as black holes and event horizons.

According to co-author Malcolm Perry, a professor at Cambridge University, the information paradox was “at the center of Hawking’s life” for over 40 years.

In 1915, Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity, which described how gravity arises from the spacetime-bending effects of matter.

When he died at age 76, he was interred at Westminster Abbey in London between the remains of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

Stephen Hawking’s last scientific paper – which was finished days before the British physicist’s demise – has been composed and posted online by his partners at Cambridge and Harvard colleges.

So what happens to all the information contained in an object when it tumbles into a black hole.

In the last paper, Hawking and his colleagues showed how some of the information may be preserved.

Instead of all-consuming event horizons and black holes which nothing can escape from, Hawking now proposes that there are “apparent horizons” which suck in matter and energy — but only temporarily, before eventually releasing them again.

To be clear, Hawking isn’t proposing that black holes don’t exist — just that black holes, as we’ve understood them for the last 40 years or so (thanks to work done by Hawking and others), don’t exist.


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