Stellar Nucleosynthesis R-Process

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In this work the nuclei are identified by (Z, N), which allows...

more Heavy elements are formed in nucleosynthesis processes.

We found that all experienced isotope ratios can be obtained both at 57) elements in stars.

The neutron flux can be set to describe neutron capture in arbitrary neutron flux.

As well as the qualitative behavior of the stellar mass, molecular gas density and intergalactic gas density for the galactic evolution model.

Therefore we concluded that System Dynamics is a powerful tool for modelling complex phenomena with feedback in Astrophysics.Heavy elements are formed in nucleosynthesis processes.Abundances of these elements can be classified as elemental abundance, isotopic abundance, and abundance of nuclei.Our approach solves the coupled differential equations, that describe the neutron capture and decays of 2696 nuclei, numerically without truncating those to include only either capture or decay as traditionally assumed in weak neutron flux (s process).As a result the synthesis of heavy nuclei always evolves along a wide band in the valley of stable nuclei.It is possible that other nuclei can capture a neutron as well, but because of the high abundance of iron, this process is the most important.The possibility of experimental investigation is very limited, so it is very useful to investigate it through a model.System dynamics is a methodology to model and simulate complexity in science and engineering.In this approach there are limited mathematical descriptions due to a large time in the behavior and a non-mathematical definition of the...In the early 2000s it was possible to run such a simple network model on a computer.In case of this model it was not necessary to exclude any nuclei from the neutron capture process arbitrarily.


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