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So while our income and GDP is overall increasing, fewer Americans are sharing in that wealth--leading to increasing happiness.

But before you up and quit your job teaching art to preschoolers in order to get an MBA, we'd like to point out one important thing: This research can help world leaders make policy decisions regarding taxes and economic growth.  But it doesn't account for the differences amongst people with equal income--it just shows a .

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Translation: Yup, richer countries tend to be happier. At the bottom, each notch denotes a doubling of per-capita GDP, not a steady increase.

What this means is that every increase in income isn't as valuable as the one before it.

But once you have north of ,000, you won't see much of a noticeable difference when it comes to your happiness quotient.  The thought that a joyous life doesn't necessarily lie in a bigger paycheck is comforting, right?

Well, it turns out that money What We Once Thought ...

S., "and wellbeing, as measured by the General Social Survey, has decreased slightly." Yup, America is certainly exceptional--but not in a good way.

RELATED: Survey Says: Americans Wealthier But Not Necessarily Happier The researchers posited that this was the case due to our increasing wealth inequality.


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