Static Characters In Barn Burning

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In the end, he is left with a burned barn and no legal recourse, as his case is dismissed for lack of evidence. Although his name is not given in the story, Faulkner’s other works of fiction feature the same character and identify him.

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“Abner moves through life with no regard for his fellow humans and with no respect for their right to material possessions” (731).

After being told to clean the rug, Abner took a rock and further ruined it.

Snopes’s unpredictable nature unsettles de Spain, and he uneasily answers Snopes’s charges in court. Harris - A landowner for whom the Snopeses were short-term tenants.

The plaintiff in the first court case, Harris had attempted to resolve the conflict over the Snopeses’ hog.

Nervous in the presence of her irascible, unpredictable husband, she is a slim source of comfort for Sartoris in the violence-tinged world of the Snopes family. Major de Spain - A well-dressed and affluent landowner.

De Spain brings the soiled rug to the Snopeses’ cabin and insists that they clean it and return it.

Later in the story after they had arrived at their next house, he orders his wife, her sister and his two daughters to unload the wagon.

He walks with his son to De Spain’s house where he entered without given permission, and proceeded to wipe his feet that was covered with horse manure, thus staining the rug.

Stiff-bodied, he walks with a limp he acquired from being shot by a Confederate’s provost thirty years earlier while stealing a horse during the Civil War. Sad, emotional, and caring, Lennie futilely attempts to stem her husband’s destructive impulses.

Known for his wolflike independence and anger, he is convinced of his right to unleash his destructive revenge on anyone whom he believes has wronged him. She is beaten down by the family’s endless cycle of flight and resettlement and the pall of criminality that has stained her clan.


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