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Lesson learned: never let your libido fill out your dating spreadsheet.

Lesson learned: never let your libido fill out your dating spreadsheet.

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I’m a grown-ass woman, not a frat-boy villain in an ’80s movie.

Two: It’s impossible to make objective judgments about people you’re interested in romantically.

Utilitarian ** Let’s be honest—one of them was a dating rite of passage.

The other came about because he was cute and funny and staying in a really nice hotel and my car was locked up after hours in a parking garage.

Ledgers used rows and columns that people learned could be used not only for financial records, but also for things like scheduling, inventory tracking, and employee information.

The dawn of the computer age brought applications that could store information, perform complex calculations, and provide a printed output.

” or “I liked , but I would’ve enjoyed it so much more if I weren’t so desperately lonely.” Another single friend saw my post and recommended Tinder, which I found to be a dark place of hookups and brazen left- and right-swiping, even more shallow than my spreadsheet.

I did meet one very sweet polyamorous lawyer via the app, however.

This concept virtually revolutionized the use of the computer early on.

The first application with any real power was Visi-Calc, which later became Lotus 1-2-3.


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