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In the modern sense, this spiritual phenomenon is closely associated with the Pentecostal movement which originated in the Azusa St.

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Acts -48, -17 In chapter 10 of Acts the Holy Spirit falls on Cornelius and his family, causing them to speak in tongues and extol God ().

First and foremost, one must understand that this passage was never intended by Luke to be used in a theological explanation of the gift of tongues.

To assume this is a grievous error not only on the part of the individual but also the church body.

The Scriptures paint a portrait of not only the purpose of this gift, but also the characteristics of it.

When one attempts to draw conclusions about tongues, it is imperative that they view the gift of tongues through its introduction to the early church in the book of Acts and therefore allow the criteria established become the normative for the gift elsewhere in the New Testament.

The Use of Tongues in Acts Acts 2:1-8 The first mention of the gift of tongues in Acts (and the New Testament) comes at Pentecost, following the ascension of Christ into heaven.

This paper will argue that the experience of tongues in Acts is normative for understanding tongues in the rest of the New Testament epistles and the church today.

The Meaning of Speaking in Tongues in the Church Today In the modern context, the reference to speaking in tongues refers the individual extolling God or praying emphatically under the power of the Holy Spirit in an incoherent, heavenly tongue.

Glossolalia – ‘speaking in tongues‘ – is a practice best known in association with ‘Charismatic’ branches of Christianity.

Practitioners, often as part of religious services, produce streams of speech which correspond to no known language.


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