Space Vector Pwm Thesis

Space Vector Pwm Thesis-9
The proposed feed forward algorithm can effectively prevent the neutral point voltage ripple from creating distortions in the converter output voltage under all loading conditions and without causing additional disturbance in the neutral point voltage.The feed forward method is developed for a sine triangle as well as for the space vector type PWM algorithm.

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A three-phase inverter as shown to the right converts a DC supply, via a series of switches, to three output legs which could be connected to a three-phase motor.

The switches must be controlled so that at no time are both switches in the same leg turned on or else the DC supply would be shorted. The reference vector is then synthesized using a combination of the two adjacent active switching vectors and one or both of the zero vectors.

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It is used for the creation of alternating current (AC) waveforms; most commonly to drive 3 phase AC powered motors at varying speeds from DC using multiple class-D amplifiers.

Two different three-phase inverters are introduced and compared showing the differences and similarities between them in terms of output power, implementation, challenges and efficiency.

Both inverters use the same feedback controller and both have the same input voltage and the same load levels.Additionally, the low frequency ripple is quantified and guidelines are offered that can help size the dc-link capacitors.Because the study of the neutral point balance identified the loading conditions, that under some possible system constraints, cause an unavoidable neutral point voltage ripple, a feed forward type of control method is developed next.At the same time the power conditioning system was required to provide a bi-directional power flow to the superconductive magnet.The focus of this dissertation is a three-level diode clamped dc-ac converter which is a principle part of the power conditioning system.This requirement may be met by the complementary operation of the switches within a leg. Various strategies of selecting the order of the vectors and which zero vector(s) to use exist.Strategy selection will affect the harmonic content and the switching losses.In order to improve the performance of space vector PWM (pulse width modulation), the optimization is widely used.The switching period optimization space vector PWM can reduce both total harmonic distortion and spectrum peaks, so it has important application prospects and has been widely discussed among several types of optimization strategies.It is a known fact that although the charge balance in the neutral point can be maintained on a line cycle level, a significant third harmonic current flows into the neutral point for certain loading conditions, causing the neutral point voltage ripple.The logical consequence of that ripple is the deteriorated quality of the output voltage waveforms as well as the increased voltage stress on the switching devices.


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