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Investigate, through existing examples within movies, of popular musicians being either being used to write film specific music for cinema or actually constructing an original score tailor made for a film, and if these approaches herald different results and opportunities to scores constructed by more traditional composition methods.

Discuss an over view of my investigation, come to a personal evaluation of whether popular music’s place within cinemas audio landscape is viable as artistically expressive and appropriate as a method of scoring.

Both acting and picture can stand independently from one another, but music is the one that makes the movie memorable.

There are thousands of movie composers in the music industry, a few who triumph and whose work is well known to almost half of the world.

Composers use this to identify characters, environments, emotions or ideas.

One example of that could be the score for Lord of the Rings. One of the most recognizable would be the leitmotifs themes of the character Gollum.

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By exploring the research of others with original research and thoughts of my own, I intend to come to a personal conclusion regarding the matter.

This investigation is going to be based around the initial idea that popular music has a valuable and useful place within modern film making, however, due to it often being used in a lazy and not fully thought through manner, it has become some what looked down upon with in the medium, being seen simply as a means for cheap laughs, a pleasant way to pad out the background music of a scene and as a way to add more marketability to a film .


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