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Is the longest recorded word in English (this one with an astonishing 189,819 letters) also the smartest word in the world?

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I know that in those settings, there are always bright straight-A students who desire to set themselves apart from their classmates.

They do this by adding fancy vocabulary, lengthening sentences in their speech, and adding more writing to their paragraphs.

That is the way to write English–it is the modern way and the best way.

Stick to it; don’t let fluff and flowers and verbosity creep in.” –Mark Twain If you picked “erroneous,” you win!

Now I’m going to break these tips down, and show you some examples to make it easier for you to learn how to become a better writer.

Sound Intelligent Essay

At Kibin, we edit thousands of papers; from these, I’ve found some examples of writing that use poor diction.

A number of successful adults in various fields shared memories of a time when a professor told them, “Just tell me.” Or when a teacher handed back a graded paper dripping in red ink and containing the critique, “Too verbose! I know because it is obvious to me where a writer has attempted to add an additional clause or prepositional phrase.

Long: The protesters congregated in an area near the vicinity of the school.

Can you pick out the meaningless words in this sentence? The problem with this sentence is the writer used words that don’t add any meaning to the sentence. So writing, “empowering someone to feel powerful” is redundant.

By omitting the extra words that don’t add meaning, the sentence becomes more… The corrected sentence is: “I am drawn to this work because it empowers others.”If this doesn’t convey the message completely, then the writer could add more meaningful detail.


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