Sonnambula Dessay

Since this opera is not a tragedy everything is sorted out in the end and Amina gets an opportunity to sing A non giunge just before curtain-fall, explaining the happiness that fills her.

Someone who hasnt followed the libretto properly might misconstrue the situation and believe she has gone mad, since that is the common reason in romantic opera for indulging in vocal acrobatics.

For once the slogan Dessay is Amina wouldnt be out of place. The young Francesco Meli, born in Genoa in 1980, turns out to be an excellent lyric tenor in the Alfredo Kraus mould.

He has all the enticing mellifluousness needed for the role but also the plangent incisiveness of the older singer.

One simply has to change to another wavelength, where people whisper rather than roar, where they walk rather than run and where they think before they act.

Sonnambula Dessay

This last statement is not quite true, however, since the whole conflict is based on a misconception from Elvino, who thinks that Amina has done what she definitely hasnt.The tone is sometimes as thin as a silver-thread and as a listener one almost stops breathing, not to worry her further.This is a deeply-felt reading that requires to be heard.Evelino Pidò is an experienced conductor of the early 19th century bel canto repertoire.I have heard him in both Rossini and Donizetti and he is just as much at home in Bellini.8) is a splendid calling-card for this upcoming singer, who excels further in a sensitive duet with Amina at the end of the first scene.Furthermore Carlo Colombara triumphs as a true basso cantante with even, smooth, flexible delivery. 11) has rarely been sung with such warmth and elegance.In the minor roles Jaël Azzaretti sports a bright and flexible soprano with a personal vibrato as Lisa, Sara Mingardo is an excellent Teresa and Paul Gay manages to breathe some life into the few lines he has to sing as Alessio.The sound is splendid, deriving from live concert performances as well as some mopping up I suppose without an audience.Elvino reacts in misunderstanding and wont accept any explanation.But who can blame him finding his bride-to-be in the bedroom of another man a stranger moreover dressed in a nightie?


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