Solving Word Problems Using Quadratic Equations

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TRACE (CALC), 4 (maximum), moved the cursor to the left of the top after “Left Bound? ” move the cursor anywhere to the right of that zero and hit ENTER. Height versus distance would be the path or trajectory of the bouquet, as in the following problem.

”, moved the cursor to the right of the top after “Right Bound? To get the root, push 2 TRACE (CALC), and then push 2 for ZERO (or move cursor down to ZERO). ” Using the cursors, move the cursor anywhere to the left of the zero (where the graph hits the \(x\)-axis) and hit ENTER. Audrey throws a ball in the air, and the path the ball makes is modeled by the parabola \(y-8=-0.018\), measured in feet.

Author/s: Makbule Gozde Didis, Ayhan Kursat Erbas DOI: 10.12738/estp.2015.4.2743 Year: 2015 Vol: 15 Number: 4 Abstract This study attempts to investigate the performance of tenth-grade students in solving quadratic equations with one unknown, using symbolic equation and word-problem representations.

The participants were 217 tenth-grade students, from three different public high schools.

The amount of effort you invest in practicing solving word problems will be directional proportional to your mastery of them.

Lastly, quadratic equation word problems are interesting and I think fun- really study hard as these type of problems are on many tests to include the SAT/ACT.Solution: Note that in this problem, the \(x\)-axis is measuring the horizontal distance of the path of the ball, not the time, so when we draw the parabola, it’s a true indication of the trajectory or path of the ball.Note also that the equation given is in vertex form (if we add Since the quadratic is already in vertex form (\(y=a k\), where \((h,k)\) is the vertex), we can see that the vertex from \(0=-0.018 8\) is \((20,8)\).Thus, it is concluded that the differences in the structural properties of the symbolic equations and word problem representations affected student performance in formulating and solving quadratic equations with one unknown.In this lesson I will teach you about quadratic equation word problems.Student difficulties in solving symbolic problems were mainly associated with arithmetic and algebraic manipulation errors.In the word problems, however, students had difficulties comprehending the context and were therefore unable to formulate the equation to be solved.Find the highest point that her golf ball reached and also when it hits the ground again.Find a reasonable domain and range for this situation.What is the maximum height the ball reaches, and how far (horizontally) from Audrey does is the ball at its maximum height?How far does the ball travel before it hits the ground?


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