Solving The Problem Of Childhood Obesity Within A Generation

The loss of years is the same as if that person had been a smoker. Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity within a Generation.

It is essential that families do all they can to prevent obesity in children and to have it treated it should it occur.

Seventy-eight percent of the visits took place in participants’ homes (versus an alternate place of convenience to the mother).

In both phases of the RCTs, we used a 2-group experimental design with cluster randomization using a sealed envelope method to assign group status on the basis of due dates before recruitment.

Childhood unhealthy weights may result in serious medical problems in childhood such as: There will also be an increase in health care costs, and a high risk of lost productivity in the Canadian economy as a result of an anticipated greater level of absenteeism and weight-related illnesses among Canada’s aging and more obese workforce.

An adult who is obese at age 40 years can expect to die 3-7 years earlier than someone who was of normal weight at the same age. Tracking of childhood overweight into adulthood: a systematic review of the literature White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity Report to the President (2010).

Although overall obesity rates have plateaued nationwide, there is a widening racial and/or ethnic disparity in childhood overweight and obesity, particularly among Hispanic children early in life.

There are few programs that address obesity in this age group.

Further details on the manualized MTB program have been published previously.

The main exposures in this study were the group status (intervention or control) and race and/or ethnicity.


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