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There is a system approach to problem-solving that includes five steps: The correct definition of the problem is the right step towards it solving.

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A discussion of problems is inherently negative, de-motivating and tends to inhibit creativity.

You can become a positive thinker simply by becoming a solution-oriented person rather than a problem-oriented person.

Developing problem-solving skills will improve teamwork and ability to deal with complex situations.

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Team collaboration aimed at solving business problems will be your source of power regardless of what simple exercises, fun games or a scientific method you’ll choose for this aim.

Second, keep the conversation focused on solutions, on what can be done in the future.

The more you think and talk about solutions, the more positive and creative everyone will be and the better ideas you will come up with.

If you get everyone in your organization thinking and talking in terms of solutions, you will be astonished at the quality and quantity of ideas that will emerge.

Put These Ideas Into Action First, take some time to be absolutely clear about the problem that is under discussion.


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