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Most students read a math question and immediately begin trying to solve it, but we suggest you take a quick second to glance at the answer choices. If the question didn’t make it clear what format your answer choice should be in, then the answer choices can steer you towards the right format.

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Doing well on the SAT Heart of Algebra won’t only help you get a higher score, but it can help you feel more confident about the test in general.

Many of the other SAT categories rely on the same problem-solving skills needed for these questions, so you’re doing yourself a favor by honing in on these questions.

You’ll also want to review graphing inequalities, such as solid or dotted lines, shaded and unshaded areas, and feel comfortable interpreting those graphs.

The SAT Math is broken down into two sections; the first section doesn’t allow you to use a calculator when solving questions, and the second section does.

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Solving Linear Equations Essay Dissertation On Crm In Retail

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These strategies are better used when you have no other idea how to proceed on a question, so it doesn’t replace reviewing linear equations and inequalities!

Mastering Heart of Algebra can improve your confidence when taking the SAT.


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