Solving Environmental Problems

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But the IPCC points out that we still have the option to keep temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius.

But the IPCC points out that we still have the option to keep temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius.

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If the ozone were to disappear completely, it would be disastrous, since this thin layer of gas serves as a natural shield against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.

The ozone layer became so thin in an area over the South Pole that it became known as the ‘ozone hole’, and the size of this area kept growing.

The ozone layer is healing slowly, because the gases that break down ozone remain active in the atmosphere for a very long time.

This means the ozone hole will remain in place over Antarctica for years to come, due to the gases that we have already emitted.

Keeping a natural balance is the main task and means to avoid irreversible destruction.

READ ALSO: Types of environmental problems in Nigeria READ ALSO: Environmental pollution in Nigeria: issues and solutions Environmental pollution in Nigeria is a human-made problem.You will hardly find at least one person, who does the shopping and wonders where all those things come from and what kind of natural resources are regularly used to produce all that for his needs. Stop and think for a minute, what happens if all people start acting the same way?Besides, some people are more likely to buy new things following modern trends. Read the article to study the primary environmental problems and solutions that may improve the situation in Nigeria!Read to find out the best solutions to save nature!Every day you can see thousands of people buying food, clothes, items of furniture or goods to make their life better.These are some of the findings from the latest annual surveys conducted by Concito, a Danish think-tank specialising in environmental issues.But based on lessons learnt from decades of struggling with environmental problems, it seems that the countries of the world can accomplish a lot in a short time, when they manage to work together.The world’s average temperature has already risen by about 0.85 degrees Celsius, and if we stopped all CO2 emissions tomorrow, we would still end up with a global warming of about 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels.This is due to the gases that we have already emitted.In 1987 scientists managed to prove that the problem was caused by mankind.The ozone layer was breaking down because of emissions of the so-called CFC gasses that used to be essential for the production of refrigerators and deodorants.


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