Solve Venn Diagram Problems

The various operations of sets are represented by partial or complete overlap of these closed figures.

Regions of overlap represent elements that are shared by sets.

Here each of the circles Let us now look at few basic set operations and ways of representing them using Venn diagrams.

For understanding these operations, we will use a common example and perform operations on it.

In practice, sets are generally represented by circles.

The universal set is represented by a rectangle that encloses all other sets. The above figure is a representation of a Venn diagram.

This section defines the terms set, universal set and subset – three terms that are essential in understanding set theory.

A well-defined collection of objects is called a set. All elements of a set follow a certain rule and share a common property amongst them.

Maybe it’s because they appeal to the visual side of my brain, more than say latin or algebra ever did.

Originally designed to solve maths problems, the concept behind a Venn diagram is brilliantly simple.


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