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Ada acts as a first diagnosis agent that helps people solve an issue.

Ada acts as a first diagnosis agent that helps people solve an issue.

The good news is that working with binary data does not have to be that complicated.

In this post, we’ll show how companies are using advances in computer vision, integrated with modern data ingestion technologies, to solve real-world business problems.

In fact, many enterprises have large volumes of binary data that are not used to their full potential because of the inherent complexity of ingesting and processing such data.

Here are a few examples of how one might work with binary data : Of course, there are many other use cases.

Big tech giants have lost this ability to bring such great benefits or, in worst case, only try to hook users as long as possible for higher advertisements return (e.g. It’s time to look out for the great problem solvers around the world with small names but smart digital social innovation for real problems. This blog takes multiple perspectives on digital transformation.

As a political scientist, programmer and data analyst, I explore and write about the effect of new technologies and the interplay between humans and machines.

The advances seen in the Image Net competition showed the world what was possible, and also harkened the rise of convolutional neural networks as the method of choice in computer vision.

Convolutional neural networks have the ability to learn location invariant features automatically by leveraging a network architecture that learns image features, as opposed to having them hand-engineered (as in traditional engineering).

But this kind of digital innovation does not attempt to solve real world problems.

Let’s have a look at how attempts to make the world a better place.


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