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Factoring this one is just a little harder, but the idea is exactly the same.

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Are you having trouble solving Calculus limit problems, even though you understand the concept?

In this post we explain three approaches you’ll use again and again, especially in problems where you initially get “0/0.” We put quotes around $\dfrac$ because we can’t actually have 0 in the denominator; that’s undefined.

Showing a video can simplify and provide another explanation for students since limits are a new concept for them.

Explanations from textbooks can be very theoretical. Many other tutorials, books, study guides and help with problems can be found on the Internet.

Instead, there’s probably a polynomial you can expand.

For example, here’s a problem a student asked us via Twitter:$$\lim_\dfrac = ?

$$ Again if you just plug in $h = 0$, you get that problematic “0” in the denominator.

Usually in these problems you aren’t able factor the numerator.

limits is finding the value of a function as x approaches a certain value, a.

For example, in the linear function y = 3x-5, as x approaches 2, y takes on the value of 1.


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