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It sounds like the stuff of fantasy—or at least psychics.

The reality, however, is that as a business owner you need some kind of sixth sense for issues within your company.

Although the retail giant has recently been in hot water regarding their company culture, In Amazon’s version of kaizen, each department within their warehouses—or “fulfillment centers,” in Amazon’s nomenclature—is constantly on the lookout for wasted or duplicated efforts and inefficient processes.

All it takes is one observant employee to get the ball rolling, and soon a small group of hand-picked team members convenes to brainstorm—and eventually trial—new approaches to old problems.

This is not only a way to prioritize, but also a way to ensure that no member of your team has too much on their plate.” If you’re looking for a solution to control the rate at which you produce a product, consider aligning your inventory levels with your customer’s actual consumption. literally means “improvement,” and it’s another word that we’ve borrowed from our Eastern counterparts in China and Japan.

When applied to the workplace, kaizen refers to activities that aim to improve every individual function within a company, including the way each of the employees operate, from the customer service representative, right up to the CEO until the whole business is running like a well-oiled machine.But don’t talk to just “any people”—talk to your people.Make sure the lines of communication are open in your business.So what does scrum look like in the modern workplace?Classically, it begins by breaking down a week’s worth of tasks into smaller priorities.But, when it comes to finding the ideal approach, or the perfect process for solving any of the dozens of problems faced by the modern business, things get complicated.means “signboard” or “billboard” in Japanese, and it’s a concept most commonly applied to “lean” or “just in time” production.Although you can’t exactly predict the future, you can set up an infrastructure that will help you address issues as they arise or, perhaps, stop them from cropping up at all.Subtle changes with the way you approach your workflow, as well as your workforce, can make a huge difference in the long run.It’s a system best demonstrated with an example, so let’s turn our attention to the Toyota Corporation circa 1940.In this arena, they observed a deceptively simple relationship between customers and the stores they shopped in: customers traditionally retrieve only the items they need when they need them; in turn, stores stock only what customers need at any given time. This is exactly what is meant by “just in time” production, and it’s crucial in any industry where perishable goods are involved.


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