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For example, in relation to children and adolescents, socialization agents are parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, peers, neighbors, teachers.In youth, the number of agents also includes a spouse, colleagues, friends, and so on.

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The school as an agent of socialization is fundamentally different from the family in the fact that it is an emotionally neutral environment where the child is treated not as the only and beloved, but objectively, in accordance with his real qualities.

At school, the child learns in practice what competition is, success and failure, learns to overcome difficulties, or gets used to giving up before them.

In short, sports discipline personality, form will power, purposefulness and purposefulness, and is a pledge of a person's healthy mental activity, vivacity and cheerfulness.

The process of socialization through sport differs from the process of socialization in the family and the school, forming a positive orientation towards maintaining, consolidating and broadcasting certain social values ​​and attitudes that form a culture of self-preserving behavior vital for modern youth.

Thus, it is in the family that the primary social essence of the individual is formed.

The social position of parents determines the social status of the child during the first 20 years of his life.The profession of parents determines the cultural and educational level of the family.In the family, the child gets acquainted with the rules of behavior in society and communication with other people, with gender role stereotypes, and the process of sexual identification is under way.Therefore, children subjected to severe punishments may grow sadistic, but can become humane people, active fighters with cruelty.Sport as an agent of socialization has a positive impact on the formation of a physically and spiritually healthy personality.By their role in socialization, agents differ depending on how important they are to a person, how they build interaction with them, in what direction and by what means they influence the individual.In this case, among individuals of different ages, socialization is bi-directional.According to the researchers, sport should be given more attention in the context of its socializing function.The reasons why children do not pay enough attention to physical activities are numerous, and among them: congestion in school and, correspondingly, lack of time, low sports motivation of children, lack of sports sections in the area of ​​residence.Primary agents of socialization are the immediate environment of the individual - parents, close and distant relatives, family friends, peers, teachers, personal trainers, family doctors, leaders of youth groups, sports, and in modern times, such primary socialization agents as the media, including the Internet, etc.Among the agents of primary socialization, a special role is played by parents and peer friends.


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