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However, if you asked those same folks to recite their Social Security number, every last one of them could do it forward and backward — even after the kegs were empty. While you were out enjoying your weekend, I was researching the story behind our Social Security numbers — and here’s what I found out: 1.If you’re like me, you’ve wondered if there was any rhyme or reason to how Social Security card numbers are determined. Since 1936, over 420 million different Social Security numbers have been issued. Over 5.5 million new numbers are assigned every year. The first three digits of a Social Security number are known as the . The two-digit group number was actually created as way to organize Social Security Administration filing cabinets into sub-groups to make them more manageable. The last four digits on a Social Security card are serial numbers that are issued consecutively within a group from 0001 to 9999. Area numbers used to be assigned geographically with the lowest numbers in the northeast and the highest in the northwest — but that practice changed after a new randomized assignment methodology officially went into effect in 2011. Based upon the original assignment criterion, one would naturally expect a Maine resident to have the lowest Social Security number ever issued.

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Serial numbers are assigned in chronological order within each area and group number as the applications are processed. Before 1965, when number assignment was transferred from field offices to the central office, serial numbers may have been assigned in a strange order.

(Some sources claim that 20 series numbers were assigned out of order.

Area numbers assigned prior to 1972 are an indication of the SSA office which originally issued the SSN.

Since 1972 the area number in SSNs corresponds to the residence address given by the applicant on the application for the SSN.

That no longer seems to be the case.) Currently, the serial numbers are assigned in strictly increasing order with each area and group combination.

Any SSN conforming to one of the following criteria is an invalid number: A pamphlet entitled "The Social Security Number" (Pub. 05-10633) provides an explanation of the SSN's structure and the method of assigning and validating Social Security numbers.First issued in November 1936, to date, over 420 million different Social Security numbers have been issued in the United States.Since all of your financial records, education, driver’s licenses, insurance and health care are tied to your Social Security number; it is a major factor in identity theft.In 1965 the system was changed so assignments continued with the low even numbers and the high odd numbers.So, group numbers for each area number are assigned in the following order: Group codes of "00" aren't assigned In each region, all possible area numbers are assigned with each group number before using the next group number.The process of assigning numbers has been changed at least twice. Before 1972, numbers were assigned by field offices; since 1972, they have all been assigned by the central office.The order in which numbers were assigned was changed in the 1972 transition.Area numbers assigned before 1972 reflect the state where you applied for your number; otherwise, they are based upon the Social Security card application mailing address zip-code. Some people believe the next two digits, called the , helps identify a person’s race. However, New Hampshire was ultimately given the 001 area number designator so that social security number 0 could be assigned to Social Security Board Chairman John G.Winant, who was a three-time governor of the state. Winant eventually declined the honor of having the lowest social security card number. Officially, the first social security number issued was 0 and it was assigned to John David Sweeney. Sweeney died of a heart attack in 1974 at the age of 61; ironically, he never received a single penny of Social Security benefits. In many cases, invalid Social Security numbers can be easily spotted. Not surprisingly, more than 40,000 people have since claimed Mrs. Whitcher was eventually issued a new number, but not before being questioned by the FBI.The central, two-digit field is called the "group number".The final, four-digit field is called the "serial number".


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