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The deadline is one week before the last day of the class.

If you submit a paper after this date, you will receive a G grade (incomplete).

The G will be changed to your actual grade when your paper has been reviewed. You choose one that relates to the material discussed in your class.

If you would prefer to write papers toward your research requirement, follow the guidelines below. These papers were chosen because they describe classic studies that made a significant change in the field. All papers are available from the University Library (some are online, others may be available only in hard copy).

Writing research papers toward your requirement Guidelines: Please plan ahead if you anticipate submitting papers--they MUST be turned in by the deadline if you wish to receive a grade for the term.

Do not wait until the last minute to submit papers.

In the biggest project of its kind, Brian Nosek, a social psychologist and head of the Center for Open Science in Charlottesville, Virginia, and 269 co-authors repeated work reported in 98 original papers from three psychology journals, to see if they independently came up with the same results.

The studies they took on ranged from whether expressing insecurities perpetuates them to differences in how children and adults respond to fear stimuli, to effective ways to teach arithmetic.

Some articles have electronic versions linked directly from this page.

NOTE: you must read the actual article listed here--not just a summary of it. Be sure that you include clearly labeled and numbered sections of the paper (in this order): (1) Your full name (2) Your instructor's full name (3) The semester and year you took/are taking the class (4) Summary of article (minimum 200 words) (5) Word count for section 4 (6) Relationship of article to your class NOT to the textbook (minimum 200 words) (7) Word count for section 6 (8) Citation of the article, which may be copied from this website.


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