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The norm that I chose to violate was to push my sister Nicole through the Wal-Mart store in a children's ambulance buggy.By doing this activity, my sister and I deviated from the norms that are expected of a customer in a department store.- Social norm is the understanding people can influence our behavior in day to day basis.

They played the role of a stereotypical, old "redneck" couple.

The man wore a flannel shirt and had an old hat with a confederated flag embroidered onto it.

The status of "customer" normally includes the activities of pushing around a buggy, gathering the items that you would like to purchase, purchasing the items, and then leaving the store.

My sister and I did this, but we had a little fun with it...

As each social role is portrayed, a proper behavior must manifest to fit the expectations of that role.... Becker the best definition of social deviance is, “It is not the act itself, but the reactions to the act, that do something deviant.” In cultures around the world, there are many practices Americans find deviant, but in other cultures, it’s the norm.

[tags: Sociology, Symbolic interactionism] - Social deviance is a violation of social norms. In many countries around the world, girls are married as young as 11 years old.The hardest part was for the two of us to look as if we were shopping, while keeping a straight face.A few people that passed by us on their way out of the store looked twice to make sure they weren't hallucinating.The expected norm in this situation would have been to see a child in the ambulance, but that wouldn't have violated a norm, now would it?The first reaction that stood out from the constant stares and grins was that of an elderly man with an elderly woman who seemed to be his wife.People tend to follow the norms of society or the group.But, not following the social norms of society, individuals might think your deviant.To complicate matters, include the social norms of the 19th century that young women should not have children out of wedlock and a lack of personal independence since most young women do not have livable income and a space to call her own.These norms are enforced upon young women so much that typically their only hope of survival is with the help of a patriarchal figure....Norms are defined as the expectations, or rules of behavior, that develop out of values.For this project, I was required to violate a norm.


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