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Ob nach dem pluralistischen oder autoritären Modell, der Neoliberalismus repräsentiert das, was Barrington Moore in Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy (1966) beschrieben hat, einen kapitalistischen reaktionären Weg, den Italien, Japan und Deutschland unter totalitären Regimen in der Zwischenkriegszeit eingeschlagen haben, um die Kapitalistenklasse nach der Krise zu schützen, die Kriege des Imperialismus (1870-1914) und des Ersten Weltkriegs in kapitalistischen Kernländern ausgelöst hatten.With the advent of various forms of mass media and over activism on their part, and also the ever increasing trend of advertisements, the celebrities are very often exploited by invasion of their privacy and misappropriation of their...

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She goes further by saying that, of all possible rate structures, it might be “the...The organic contract theory proposes that historically humans have always lived in some type of social and political arrangement, and those arrangements have been renegotiated in different instrumentalist, contractual, formats.The organic contract approach uses the gregarious character of people and our interrelatedness to develop what is called the existential parity to develop a stronger case for the equal consideration of the interest of others.Many civil law nations like Germany and France have acknowledged this right through statutory enactments.Disappointingly, India is lagging far behind in recognition of this right of celebrities, despite having plethora of celebrities, whose names and likeness are been misappropriated every now and then.Though the trademark and copyright laws can be relied upon to protect celebrity rights to some extent, these laws have their own shortcomings in protecting publicity rights completely.This article attempts to point out all the variety of rights celebrities possess, and the legal means to protect them.Rousseau'nun genel iradenin oluşumunu oybirliği ilkesi üzerine inşa ettiği ihmal edildiğinden dolayı, bu tezin geçersiz olduğu, dolayısıyla, otoriter veya totaliter yönetimlerin Rousseau'nun toplum sözleşmesi kuramıyla meşrulaştırılamayacağı ileri sürülecektir.Ayrıca, Rousseau'nun temsili demokrasi ve meşruiyet üzerine yürüttüğü tartışmalar takip edilerek, katılımcı veya müzakereci demokrasi lehine geliştirdiği görüşleri değerlendirilecektir.more This paper discusses the instrumental social contract and the organic theories of political constitutions to develop what is called an organic contract theory.Chinese, especially Confucian, political philosophy provides an organic theory that is not based on a transcendental religious perspective, so it deployed to provide an alternative perspective on the natural, organic elements in human history, society and political order.


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