Smoking In Public Essay

We together make some tigh and strict regulation for smokers if we dont want to have any adverse influences on our next seems clear to me that most people have their opinions against smoking.

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Imagine sitting in a restuarant unable to enjoy the meal because of the smoke from neighbor's table.

It should be banned because the percentage of non-smokers is higher than active smokers so non-smokers have right to clean air and also second hand smoke is more dangerous than actually smoking as well.

If someone were to put together a protest for those to stop smoking in public, I bet that every non- smoker would say they should.

I doubt that the bars are shutting down JUST BECAUSE smokers choose not to go.

But also it seems as though this law protects only one side and public places (which should be available to everyone for all purposes) meet only the needs of non-smokers,tobacco causes addiction and active smokers cannot spend a long time without lighting a cigarette which automatically makes public places and many other facilities unsuitable for them and their needs.

Also this is bad for tourism in some parts, caterers are financially damaged by these new laws that suggest them to provide services to only one part of both residents and tourists.Most people beleive that someone who is not in the smoking area of the public place will not be affected by the smoke, but smoke is able to spread in a room and affect the people around.Smoking causes alot of problems not only for the smoker, but for the people around.i really feel that smoking in public places should be banned, because not only is it harming the health of smokers, but also the health of others around my opinion, smoking in public places, especially places with a lot of people is a pretty selfish thing to do.Oh and by your logic, if someone is a pyromaniac and always has the need to light fires that its ok for them to run around in public with fire, the non pyromaniacs just need to avoid the fire. smoking is up to the individual not others if people don't like smoke aviod the people who are smoking.I would not say that smoking should be banned, but I do not think it is necessary that people should go as far to have to avoid another person purely for them being a smoker.In fact, accordintg to some reliable surveys, numbers of smokers are rapidly increasing these day.Of course, we can smoke if this will affect no are you saying that the non-smokers of America don't have rights and that America is all about the majority winning?currently we are having the occupy wall street which is demoting the minority ruling.


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