Smart Thinking Skills For Critical Understanding

In order for students to connect to stories they need to know how to think critically and be creative.The obstacle is that there is no comprehensive approach to teaching critical thinking and creativity that is based upon learning theory.

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S., there is a need for a new reading curriculum that includes a more comprehensive approach to literacy instruction.

We can leverage the five crucial features to teach critical thinking and creativity, and enhance that instruction with collaborative learning environments.

A few years ago, I took the opportunity to create a reading curriculum that was based on critical thinking and creativity and that was both comprehensive and research based.

Research tells us that there are five main curriculum features crucial to advancing critical thinking and creativity in reading classrooms – meta-cognitive skills, graphic organizers, brainstorming and outlining, teacher-led conferences, and drawing.

Critical thinking and creativity are going to help our students tell their story and be ready.

Liam Bayer is a former teacher and administrator who taught in the Baltimore City Public Schools and at a small private school in Northern California.

The main component that enhances these five significant features is a cooperative learning environment where student understanding is developed through peer collaboration.

I used Antoine de Sainte-Exupery’s to prototype the curriculum.

All learners, even the most reluctant, become engaged in this 3D process that can be used in both the recreation of a story for comprehension and the creation of new characters in a contemporary setting.

We live and work in that mainstream where critical thinking and creativity are in greater and greater demand.


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