Small Farm Business Plan Example

Create an organizational chart to explain the flow of responsibility and create a brief job description for each position.List the separate departments of your farm operation and the responsibilities of each department supervisor.Use the financial section to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the forecasted profits and strategies. Include supporting documents, such as supplier contracts, insurance policies, industry analysis, tax forms and other documentation that support the information and findings within your business plan.

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Include the goals and missions of your business and explain the farm’s short and long-term goals.

Provide a brief review of the farming industry’s trends, growth patterns and economic standpoints.

Get: Ag Expert Analyst: Accounting software built for the farm Describe your product or service and what makes it marketable.

Is there an aspect that’s not available in the marketplace?

Include the costs for each piece of machinery, as well as the costs for materials and supplies, such as tillers, tractors, seeds, fertilizer, barrels and every other item that is required to operate your farm.

Identify the government regulations that your farm operation will be required to meet.It helps you focus on your goals and provides the answers you need to make your financing and loan process easier.Here are 10 things you should include as well as some resources to get started. Include: who you are, what your business does, future business plans and how you will be successful.Identify your farm’s competition and use the SWOT analysis to determine how you can differentiate your farm from that of the competition.Identify your farm’s specialties, such as organically raised cows for organic milk and kosher beef.Explain your farm operation’s marketing strategies. Include a forecast for the number of target customers and sales, such as 25 million gallons of milk or 100,000 crates of eggs each year.Explain the methods that your farm operation will use to generate its customers, such as government contracts, trade shows and wholesaler contracts. Outline the equipment and materials the farm needs to run an efficient operation.Describe any company strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and any significant changes that could impact the operation.Research: Industry, markets and trade (AAFC) Describe the ownership structure.Include the cost of salaries and benefits for each employee and identify the pay intervals, such as weekly, biweekly or monthly payrolls.Explain your farm finances in written form and include the actual financial statements.


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