Sir George Savile Essay On King Charles Ii

Sir George Savile Essay On King Charles Ii-71
And that the strength and safety of the king and kingdom, together with a most happy reformation will be accomplished therein. His most Excellent Majesty, and both Houses of Parliament, by R. The prevention of poverty, or, A discourse of the causes of the decay of trade, fall of lands, and want of money throughout the nation with certain expedients for remedying the same, and bringing this kingdom to an eminent degree of riches and prosperity ... His Most Excellent Majesty and both houses of Parliament / by R. England's weal & prosperity proposed: or, Reasons for erecting publick vvork-houses in every county, for the speedy promoting of industry and the woollen manufactory, shewing how the wealth of the nation may be encreased, many hundred thousand pounds per annum. By George Hakewill Master of Arts, and fellow of Exeter Coll. A comparison betvveene the dayes of Purim and that of the Powder treason for the better continuance of the memory of it, and the stirring vp of mens affections to a more zealous observation thereof. By George Hakevvill, Doctor of Diuinitie, his Highnesse chaplaine in ordinarie. An apologie of the povver and prouidence of God in the gouernment of the world. Carier, by way of a letter to his Maiestie vvherein he layeth downe sundry politike considerations; by which hee pretendeth himselfe was moued, and endeuoureth to moue others to be reconciled to the Church of Rome, and imbrace that religion, which he calleth catholike. ; to which is added, A tryal of witches, at the assizes held at Bury St. Some necessity of reformation of the publick doctrine of the Church of England. A discovery of the latitude of the loss of the earthly paradise by original sin. Matthias Rutton, min: of Boughton Munchalse in Kent, and the author hereof; branched out in these particulars, as followeth: I.

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He accompanied Charles II during his exile and served him faithfully during his misfortunes.

Jotham stands for George Savile, Marquis of Halifax, and nephew of Shaftesbury.

A sermon principally entreating of the crosse in Baptisme wherein also it is proued, against the vnaduised reprouers, that it is no popish error, to say; that Austine sent from Gregorie the Great, was the conuerter of the English in this iland: and further that the Britaines did not receiue their first faith from the Church of Rome. By the unworthyest of the labourers in the Lords vineyard, and teacher to a church of Christ, Samuel Hammond. A paradox Prooving that the inhabitants of the isle called Madagascar, or St. The marine mercury, or, A true relation of the strange appearance of a man-fish about three miles within the river of Thames, having a musket in one hand and a petition in the other credibly reported by six saylors who both saw and talkt with the monster : whos names here following are inserted : whereunto is added a relation how Sir Simon Heartley with his company gave battell to a company of rebels and slew 500, tooke 4 colours and routed 1500 more : this being performed on the 6 of Ianuary, 1641 ... Englands proper and onely way to an establishment in honour, freedome, peace and happinesse. The truth whereof will be justified by sundry people of good quality inhabiting in the said county. A refutation of the objections against the attributes of God in general in a sermon preach'd at the cathedral-church of St. archbishop of Dublin Thomas Flemming aliàs Barnwell friar of the Order of S. Pharmacologia anti-empirica, or, A rational discourse of remedies both chymical and Galenical wherein chymistry is impartially represented, the goodness of natural remedies vincidated, and the most celebrated preparation of art proved uncapable of curing diseases without a judicious and methodical administration : together with some remarks on the causes and cure of the gout, the universal use of the Cortex, or Jesuits powder, and the most notorious impostures of divers empiricks and mountebanks / by Walter Harris ... Nicholas, vice-chancellor of Oxford, and warden of New-College, from W. D., lately Fellow of the same college shewing, the true motives that with-drew him to the romish religion, and the reasons of his return to the Church of England : concluding with some short reflections concerning the great duty of charity.

Patricks in Dublin, May 9, anno 1661, at the time of their general receiving the H. Haddon maister of the requests vnto our soueraigne lady Elizabeth by the grace of God quene of England Fraunce and Irelande, defendour of the faith. against the epistle of Hieronimus Osorius a Portugall, entitled Pearle for a Prince. Andrew Stonsby, a cavalier under the command of the Lord Mohone at Listelleth in Cornwall, at the signe of the Dolphin, dranke a health to the devill. then Mayer of the same burrowe: and now newly imprinted this xvij. The case of Sir Edward Hales, Baronet being an exact account of the tryal upon an action of 500 pound brought against him, with his plea thereto, upon the King's dispensing with the Stat. Together with an order of the Commons for the said Osborn to appear within fourty days to make good his allegation. Colonel Hammond's letter sent to the Honorable William Lenthal Esq; Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons, wherein he desires, that Mr. Ordered by the said Committee, that this letter be forthwith printed and published. Discouered by the English colon there seated by Sir Richard Greinuile Knight in the eere 1585. As also the different policies introduced into the Church of Christ, during the time of the Apostles. A parallel of the spirit of the people, with the spirit of Mr. And an appeal thereupon unto the reader, whether the spirit of the people, or the spirit of men like Mr. Some reflections upon a treatise call'd Pietas Romana & Parisiensis, lately printed at Oxford to which are added, I, A vindication of Protestant charity, in answer to some passages in Mr. M.'s Remarks on a late conference, II, A defence of the Oxford reply to two discourses there printed, A. Roger L'Estrange's queries considered and some queries put, for the consideration of those persons whose judgments are in danger of being again poysoned by the snare of smooth words, calculated to the humour of a biggot for helping the indigent case of King James, and vindicating the non-abdicators.

Prynn (who was ordered to search them by a committee of the then Parliament) on Wednesday, May 31, 1643 : with some historical remarks on the Jesuits, and A vindication of the Protestant dissenters from disloyalty : also, A compleat history of the Papists late Presbyterian plot discovered by Mr. A sermon needfull for theese [sic] times wherein is shewed, the insolencies of Naash King of Ammon, against the men of Iabesh Gilead, and the succors of Saule, and his people sent for their reliefe. In answer to a rayling pamphlet, lately put forth by George Whithead. Thomas Bowyer, merchant, who died the 8th day of February 1659, and was buried the 22th of the same moneth, in the parish church of St. And from yt time is added with a co[n]tinuacion of the storie in prose to this our tyme, now first emprinted, gathered out of diuerse and sondrie autours of moste certain knowelage [et] substanciall credit, yt either in latin orels in our mother toungue haue writen of ye affaires of Englande. B., a seminary priest of Rome, upon two of the articles of the Church of England in a booke imprinted in anno 1632, intituled, The judgment of the apostles and of those of the first age in all points of doctrine, questioned betweene the Catholikes and Protestants of England as they are set downe in the nine and thirty articles of their religion : with an appendix concerning Episcopacy / by a lay gentleman. ]] vagabones, set forth by Tho[mas Harman, Esquier, for the [? Concio quædam admodum elegans, docta, salubris, & pia magistri Iohannis Harpesfeldi, sacre Theologiæ baccalaurei, habita coram patribus & clero in Ecclesia Paulina Londini .26. Item magistri Hugonis VVestoni, decani VVestmonasterij, uiri longè doctissimi & eloquentissimi, ac cleri referendarij. The former containing the first præliminary of Oceana, inlarged, interpreted, and vindicated from all such mistakes or slanders as have been alledged against it under the notion of objections. With the manner of their doctrine, christnings, vveddings, and burialls. Being the manner of finding the head of the late murder'd person, who was cut to pieces: it being found between twelve and one a clock at night, in the House of Office, near the house of Mr.

Dangerfield, wherein an account is given of some late transactions of Sir Robert Peyton. This is published for the securing the saints, keeping others out of the snare, and (if possible) the reducing some of those that have been seduced by their destructive principles. A charge given at the general quarter sessions of the peace for the county of Surrey holden at Dorking on Tuesday the 5th day of April 1692, and in the fourth year of Their Majesties reign / by Hugh Hare. The groundworke of conny-catching, the manner of their pedlers-French, and the meanes to vnderstand the same with the cunning slights of the counterfeit cranke : therein are h[a]nd[l]ed the practises of the visiter, the fetches of the shifter and rufflar, the deceits of their doxes, the deuises of priggers, the names of the base loytering losels, and the meanes of euery blacke-art-mans shifts, with the reproofe of all the diuellish practises / done by a iustice of peace of great authoritie, who hath had the examining of diuers of them. Oratio coram patribus & clero habita, mirè elegans ac valde docta, cum responso et exhortatione reuerendi patris, domini Edmundi Loninensis episcopi The vvayes and meanes whereby an equal & lasting Commonvvealth may be suddenly introduced and perfectly founded with the free consent and actual confirmation of the whole people of England. The Rota: or, A model of a free-state, or equall common-wealth: once proposed and debated in brief, and to be again more at large proposed to, and debated by a free and open society of ingenious gentlemen. Together vvith a relation of the knavery that some of their teachers practised to enrich themselves withall. Fresnear, a fringe-maker, near Exeter-Exchange, on Sunday-night, the 5th instant February, 1687.

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Or, sinne and vertue, concluding with the last Iudgement and end of all things. With an exact and easie method of breeding, buying, dieting, and otherwise ordering all sorts of horses, as well for common and ordinary use, as the heats and course. Also the Duke of Buckinghams representation to the Lord Major of London, and his declaration, concerning the Kings Majesty.

The gentlemans jockey, and approved farrier instructing in the natures, causes, and cures of all diseases incident to horses. Advice to a daughter as to religion, husband, house, family and children, behaviour and conversation, friendship, censure, vanity and affectation, pride, diversions : to which is added The character of a trimmer, as to the laws and government, Protestant religion, the papists, forreign affairs / by the late noble M. Heaven ravished: or A glorious prize, atchieved by an heroicall enterprize: as it was lately presented in a sermon to the honourable House of Commons, at their solemn fast, May 29. And the resolution of the Scots Army, with the manner of their march, their trumpets sounding, drums beating, and collours displaying with this motto, For Religion, King and Kingdom.


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