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He also mentions that single men have the time and money to give back to society in charitable ways.Bacon believes that single men are often "best friends, best masters, best servants." However, Bacon also writes that being single can make a man "cruel and hardhearted" because he does not enjoy the tenderness and love that married men often experience.

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The main aspect of the writer in this essay is to convey his thoughts regarding marriage that some people do not like to get marry because they regard wife and children as items of expenditures and also they want to be rich and to acquire a reputation of being rich.

It is also fact that they want to lead an independent life and marriage curtains freedom.

As regards the various professions; a single life is good for the clergy and other churchmen.

If they have no wife and children, they would have more for charity, it does not matter much whether a judge is married or single but marriage is preferable because married judges are more kind and sympathetic.

Bacon is mostly perceived as a cold and calculating person.

As such, he cannot be considered as having a soft corner for children.

Bacon writes that unmarried or childless men tend to provide the greatest benefit for public life, as they bestow their kindness on the public instead of on their families.

However, married men who are fathers are far more careful when thinking about the future, as they know their progeny will have to deal with it.

But, consider the following lines: there are some foolish rich, covetous men that take a pride in having no children because they may be thought so much the richer It is true that Bacon considers the merits of unmarried men too.

Bacon argues that it is the single and childless men who have done a great deal for society.


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