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And in all of this, Holy Writ and evolutionism were twisted together in a diabolical and cruel mixture to achieve the result - all with the acquiescence of the Christian community.

God help us as evangelicals if we should ever repeat these mistakes!

can be traced directly to the continuing effects of this pernicious doctrine. When Belgian missionaries first arrived in Rwanda in the 1880s they brought with them this noxious way of thinking - which was then tied to European imperialism.

In the case of Rwanda, the doctrine took a rather bizarre twist.

There are, of course, a number of problems with this hypothesis: first, there is nothing in the Scriptures which suggests any kind of "marking" in reference to Ham and Canaan - Nothing!

There is, of course, the "sign" or mark which was placed on Cain, the son of Adam, after he slew Abel; but presumably, all of Cain’s progeny were killed off as a result of the flood.The link between the economic elites that promote cheap labor (which ultimately was the rationale behind slavery) and racism is as undeniable as the fact that the sun rises in the east - and so, unfortunately, is the link between political Christianity and those same economic elites.For Christians to believe that their alliance with economic "fat cats" will lead them anywhere but into shame is naive at best, and very self-serving at worst.And, of course, there were reasons in choosing the Tutsi above the more numerous Hutu: economics.The fact of the matter is, the whites needed laborers, and they needed a lot of them - and there were a lot more Hutu than there were Tutsi.Psalm says that Ethiopia (i.e., Africa) "stretched out her hands to God" (and that God, as a result, embraced her in a very close and peculiar way); and Psalm 87:4 lists Ethiopia (Africa) as a peculiar treasure unto God, a people who "know" Him and worship Him in a manner that is due particular recognition: "I shall mention ...Ethiopia among those who know Me." Finally, the great care with which the Lord specifically commissioned the Gospel to Africa (Acts -40) has no parallel to any other people in the Scripture outside the Jews.So much for the Scriptural basis for the Hamitic Hypothesis!- the fact of the matter is, the Hamitic Hypothesis was (is) a sham cooked up by bigots to justify their racism, their past exploitation of black labor (black slavery), and their economic rape of the African continent.The elevation of the Tutsi meant the relegation of the Hutu to the status of "Bantu serfs," and of the Twa - a small group of potters and hunter-gatherers in the area - to the lowest position of aboriginal "pygmoids," supposedly remnants of an earlier stage of human evolution.Under the Belgians, Tutsi dominance and power were extended and Tutsi privileges intensified - leading over the years to a white-hot, jealous rage on the part of the Hutus and Twa.


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