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Also, all clothing has to be appropriate and safe for school, and cannot cause a distraction.All in all, we are not in support of uniforms in public schools. Besides, we already have some dress code rules that we have to follow, so we do not want more restrictions in our clothing choices by having to wear a uniform.Public school students are not required to wear uniforms, but in many religious and private schools, uniforms are required. Although the opinions by students vary because there are positive and negative aspects of uniforms, most students in our public school would not want a uniform requirement.

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Also, if a student is unsure of their place on the gender spectrum or is experimenting with different forms of gender presentation, school uniforms can present a real challenge.

If a school has a uniform policy, it generally tries to enforce that policy by monitoring students’ clothing and punishing students for violating uniform requirements.

Our parents would also be happier because they would probably not have to buy us as many clothes, although we still would need clothes for when we are not in school.

Most kids that I spoke to think that having to wear a uniform is negative because your clothes are the same every day, and you can’t wear what you want.

Often, uniforms are only available from a limited number of suppliers and the lack of competition (and captive market) keeps prices high.

Or, a uniform will include pricier items like blazers and dress shoes, which some families might struggle to afford.

One argument used in favor of school uniforms is that when kids wear uniforms visible class markers between rich kids and poor kids are decreased or eliminated, which may lead to more social mixing along economic lines.

Another argument that’s often raised in favor of uniforms is that they may increase student focus.

If back-to-school shopping in your household involves shopping for a school uniform, you might be familiar with some of the arguments for and against uniforms.

By some accounts, school uniforms are becoming more popular in the U.


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