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A policy that just holds student results to previous levels will not expand students' college options or help communities attract new businesses and jobs.

A policy that just holds student results to previous levels will not expand students' college options or help communities attract new businesses and jobs.While there is little concrete research on the impact of such a significant schedule shift, a doctoral dissertation from the University of Montana that analyzed results over several years reported a decline in achievement scores of students with four-day school weeks once the novelty wore off and good intentions eroded.

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But teachers and students, especially the younger children, may not work as effectively at the end of such long days, thus reducing overall learning.

Low-income and minority students, who generally have fewer learning resources at home, stand to lose disproportionately from the loss of a day in school.

As many school districts around the nation grapple with declines in state funding, some district leaders are arriving at a questionable solution: Cut the school week to four days.

But are these districts adopting the shorter week without both considering other ways to save money and counting the risks to students?

Therefore, most of the preparation for the essay should be coming up with these points.

A key point to keep in mind is: Who is your audience?

In order to write a persuasive essay, the key component is to come up with approximately 3 primary arguments.

These 3 points will be the bulk of your essay (each point can be a paragraph, and the 3 paragraphs can then be sandwiched between an introduction and a conclusion).

Another could be the availability of online work which many teachers use anyway.

When you have three and the supportive ideas, write your thesis statement to cover your ideas.


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