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One community that values argument as a type of communication and exchange is the community of scholars.In other words, facts are “good,” and opinions are “bad,” or if not exactly bad, then fuzzy and thus easy to reject.However, remember the important distinction between an argument and an opinion stated above: While argument may sound like an opinion, the two are not the same. What Are the Different Types of Argument in Writing? A Repository of Logical Fallacies All people, including you, make arguments on a regular basis.The close sibling of rhetorical argument is academic argument, argument used to discuss and evaluate ideas, usually within a professional field of study, and to convince others of those ideas.A related definition of argument implies a confrontation, a clash of opinions and personalities, or just a plain verbal fight.It implies a winner and a loser, a right side and a wrong one.Thus, be prepared for your college professors to have a much broader view of argument than a mere fight over a controversial topic or two. Although arguments and opinions do sound the same, there are two important differences: Argument vs.Thesis Another point of confusion is the difference between an argument and an essay’s thesis.For college essays, there is no essential difference between an argument and a thesis; most professors use these terms interchangeably. The main claim of an essay is the point of the essay and provides the purpose for the essay.Thus, the main claim of an essay is also the thesis.


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    Inductive reasoning can often be hidden inside a deductive argument. That is, a generalization reached through inductive reasoning can be turned around and used as a starting “truth” for a deductive argument. For instance, Most Labrador retrievers are friendly. Kimber is a Labrador retriever. Therefore, Kimber is friendly.…

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