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Eminent British Scientist John Seale holds that AIDS virus was produced artificially in a laboratory. AIDS, the Segal stress, has resulted from failure in biological warfare research in the US.

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The WHO had singled out India and Thailand as the two most AIDS prone coun­tries in South-East Asian region.

Following this warning the India Council of Medical Research formed an AIDS committee in 1986 to advise on steps to tackle the disease.

WHO has also been asked to assist in implementation of the schemes for pre­vents and control of AIDS in India.

The Government is to make it compulsory for all foreign students seeking admission to Indian Universities to undergo medical tests to check for the dreaded AIDS disease.

AZT is already being administered to patients in the U. The trial will have to be done on human beings since animals do not respond to the AIDS virus as humans do.

Scientists at the National Institute of Virology at Pune have discovered a particle which may shed light on several aspects of AIDS.The Western media has cited some research reports to assert that the disease has come from the African “green monkey”. army opened its first laboratory for gene manipulation of pathogens for military use at Fort Dentrick, Maryland, in 1977.But the mainstream of scientific opinion maintains that the AIDS virus “must be an artificial product, the result of a gene manipulation”. The first AIDS patient appeared in the USA two years later.The NIV is engaged in studies on AIDS and is the first laboratory engaged by ICMR to undertake investigation.The first AIDS patient appeared in 1979 in New York.Positive results of ELISA test can be confirmed by other tests (Western blot test, immune fluorescence test).In India, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is the only organization to have facilities for ELISA test and the Western blot test. But researchers are trying to find an effective but safe drug and a vaccine which would prevent the spread of the disease. Dideoxy nucleosides, Azidothymidine (AZT) and Ribavarin appear most satisfactory. Vaccine has also been prepared by a French group led by Daniel Zangury which is ready for trial.As stated by the Minister for Human Resource Development in Rajya Sabha in March 1987 “we have to be in step with the world and not out of it”, explaining that many countries were tightening up the process.During the dinner, there are toasts, a cat can be trained to avoid unwanted behavior or perform tricks.The authorities have now shifted their emphasis from surveillance to educating the pub­lic on preventive measures and creating aware­ness about the disease.Since the target group of AIDS patients is the STD (Sexually Transmit­ted Diseases) patients, the STD control pro­gramme has been further intensified during the eighth plan period by (i) establishment of new STD clinics and augmenting the existing ones (ii) Providing free essential drugs to the STD clinics and (ii) opening more survey-cum epidemiologi­cal units in states.


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