Short Essay On My Cat

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4) The most peculiar thing about Daisy is that she uses our bathroom.

5) Daisy likes to have milk but her favorite is fish and brown rice.

He scampers over to me then standing on his hind legs, he puts his paws on my thigh.

I pick him up, knowing that after a long day alone, he's dying to be handled.

2) She is of white color with brown patches on her legs.

3) Cats are very smart so is our Daisy and she never forgets whatever you teach her.

10) Daisy sleeps near my bed in a cozy basket made especially for her.

Here is another set of 10 lines on my pet cat for your easiness and help you better understand the importance of pet cat.

These points will help you to easily prepare an essay on my pet cat and help your essay look more appealing which will help you to obtain a good score.

Please go through to get a better understanding on the topic: 1) I have a pet cat and her name is Daisy.


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