Short Essay On Charlie Chaplin

So it was up to him and his siblings to find ways to survive.

His first performance actually happened because of his mom.

Although he loved performing, sometimes he did not make enough money, so he did lots of odd jobs. An American movie producer discovered Charlie Chaplin and decided he needed to be a movie star.

How much do you think Charlie made each week with this job?

And he wanted audiences to recognize him, so he played this signature character in many different movies.

He made quite a few movies, in one year starring in 35 films!Sadly, he had to become independent at an early age.His father abandoned the family shortly after Charlie was born, and his mother was ill and could not care for him.omedic taste changes with every generation, but the work of Charlie Chaplin has remained funny across more than a century of moviegoing.In a trio of new video essays, filmmaker and critic David Cairns breaks down a few of the signature motifs and techniques that Chaplin repeated to crowd-pleasing effect throughout his career.On this trip, Charlie received an important acting award - an honorary Academy Award.Chaplin lived the rest of his life in Switzerland, and he died in 1977 at age 88.So outspoken, in fact, that he was not allowed back into the United States when he went away on vacation.He decided to head to Switzerland, but he was allowed to return to America in 1972.The series kicks off with a focus on the master’s dance-like movements, which often serve as a counterpoint to the unpredictably chaotic environments his characters find themselves in. ) near the edge of a floor with no balustrade or trying his best not to get punched in a boxing match, Chaplin delighted in navigating the most absurd situations with balletic grace and rhythmic precision, qualities he learned from his early days as a music-hall performer.Watch the above video for a look at some of the memorably choreographed set pieces in classics like Modern Times, The Great Dictator, and City Lights.


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