Short Essay Love Story

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I never thought that I would date an older man like him; a man whom is very different in personality from me.

Loving him changed my life because I have found out more characteristics in me that I never knew I had.

It didn't matter to him that Sam had given the paper everything or that he used to trust her implicitly.

When Christine winked, complimented him, and broke things off with her fiancé to “get to know him better,” all of that went out the window. When she walked back into the office that Wednesday night, there he was.

Derek had always valued her opinion for what it was, and he trusted her more than anyone else at the paper.

Christine slammed into the newsroom like a Category 5 hurricane.There wasn't much left: a calendar, a mug, a few notebooks, and a well-worn chemistry textbook lined the box she brought for her things. ” she asked graciously, wondering briefly if he knew how thin a line he was treading.He at least had the decency to let her finish packing before calling her over. His eyes fixed on her, and it was like she was seeing the Derek of three months ago.This is the true story of John–who dreamed of becoming a pilot, and suffered unthinkable torture and hardship in his country ruled by a military dictatorship until he found refuge in the UK.A special collaboration with the Refugee Tales Project, in which British writers present true stories by refugees.Although we both didn't want it to end, but we just have to end it.The feelings hurt badly and I felt like my life would just fell apart.After talking with my friends and thinking about it so much, I have learned that I need to find someone who can love me more and can provide me a happy and joyous life in the future. She wasn't always the best writer, and she certainly could have been a bit more social with the rest of the office staff, but she was good at her job, and she had become invaluable to the editor.She had hoped that today would be the day he’d decide he didn’t have to work until all hours and let her clear out her desk in peace.But Derek, who always seemed to have a sixth sense about her, picked his head up the second she made it across the room.


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