Short Essay About Loneliness

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I guess I don’t quite count moving across the world to Singapore as “my own way”.

Yes, I made the decision to take the career opportunity and move to a country I’d never been in my life and knew no one.

Throughout my life, I’ve always had someone by my side.

That someone has shifted between my parents, sister, best friends, and boyfriends.

Many people who know me tell me they admire my “independent” trait.

As much as I would like to be seen as a strong, independent woman, sometimes I question that characterization.

Or is it too small, where stepping over makes very little difference?

These considerations are important in my decision — because I am to rock my own boat, when the results may be for better or for worse.

Will living alone help me confront my reluctance to face new situations?

Will it let me muster the courage to live a life without clutching onto people when I don’t want to do things myself?


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