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Just as much as much as we have the words to discuss the endless reasons why my writing has been proven to be terminally ill, we can speak about the opposite as well.I have argued against my mistakes that have presented themselves with my essay writing, and yet I have no way to guarantee that these arguments will gain me the B- I would hope to achieve.Perhaps less thunder and lightning will choose to make itself known next semester Total Number of Words: 1,566 ??

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I have experienced a slow death by homework in other classes, and misconceptions about essay and paragraph writing that high school has bestowed upon me.

But despite these burdens, I have managed to produce products with almost as many good aspects as bad.

My efforts put into this essay may even make up for my previous mistakes.

Thus, perhaps I will obtain a decent percentage, but I have chosen to remain a pessimist and accept the both good and bad C instead.

My second essay seemed to have been an improvement, but areas of it too called for rain, especially in my poor thesis "Frequently we confuse the characteristics masculine and what is feminine with the natural aspects of gender..." because apparently it isn't arguable .

I appear to have made no improvement in finding objections during this essay as well.Warshaw explains that "the gangster speaks for us, expressing that part of the American psyche which rejects the qualities and demands of modern life or 'Americanism itself'" (344).The gangster expresses what we can not express in our everyday lives because we would be considered somewhat crazy by American society.They simply were not as well written as I would have liked, and did not gain the professors approval either.Because of being slightly different than secondary school, I have not found English 1110 to be all that simple.It is one of my longings, and yet I see the truth however, that even though some effort was part of the equation, I may have to settle with a lesser percentage in this particular class.Not every single sentence and punctuation mark was worthy of punishment, but among them there were others who surely should pay for their sins.Out of all of my essays, the third certainly calls for thunder and lightning.This is only of my personal opinions, but I think it brings out the worst of my writing abilities, of which will become apparent once the essay has been looked upon and then thoroughly dissected. Conclusion I therefore have no logical reason to deny that my response papers still contain the positivity of the necessary conclusion, topic sentence and introduction of the author I have learned is needed when composing a paragraph. Introduction Natalie Kennard English 1100 Self Evaluation Essay In school, we all know that most students hope and prey that they will receive the highest grades possible, whether or not they be a student that put any effort into doing so.I am no different than anyone else in having a desire such as this.


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