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Once you begin to understand this concept you then have the opportunity and freedom to change things about yourself enabling you to create a life that you want.It’s almost impossible to change and become self-accepting if you are unsure as to who you are.Relationships are easy until there is emotional turmoil.

Having a clear understanding of your thought and behaviour patterns helps you understand other people.

This ability to empathise facilitates better personal and professional relationships.

Because whether you acknowledge your weaknesses or not, everyone still sees them.

So rather than conceal them, the person who tries to hide weaknesses actually highlights them, creating the perception of a lack of integrity and self-awareness.

Having clarity about who you are and what you want can be empowering, giving you the confidence to make changes.

Think about describing yourself to another person without mentioning anything about the external things that are in your life, your friends, family, studying etc.We usually identify our existence with our position in society, our friends and family, the needs and desires of our body, and the emotional and intellectual expressions of our mind.For example: We might say ‘I am a student studying economics, I have three sisters and live in London’.Concentrate only on yourself, how you feel and behave, perhaps recognising some of your strengths and weaknesses.It’s easy to get caught up in irrational thoughts and beliefs and live out internal dramas that can severely affect the way we perceive ourselves and consequently determine our feelings and actions.You do not want this information to be disclosed for the reason of protection.It could also be that you may be ashamed of these areas and feel a vulnerability to having your faults and weaknesses exposed.In fact, many of us operate on the belief that we must appear as though we know everything all the time or else people will question our abilities, and then perhaps judge us.If you're honest with yourself, you'll admit that really the opposite is true.You might see yourself as an open-minded person when, in reality, people around you don’t agree. You might see yourself as a “dumb” person while others might consider you incredibly bright.Sometimes those around you might not tell you what they see because they fear offending you.


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