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Even though you can give any information, it is sometimes good to leave others so that you talk about them in a gradual manner.In your narration, don’t use the first or second person pronoun.Different from any other point of view, third person omniscient allows you to talk about the inner thoughts of your characters.

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For example, your story may involve four main characters, you, therefore, need to portray the actions, thoughts, and feelings of all this at one point.

This can be done in a single paragraph in your story.

You are allowed to include a moral perspective, hold any opinion or talk about nature when you are not talking about your characters.

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This is to say that, when writing in the third person omniscient, you take full control of the narration and decide what to include or not.The third person will allow you to focus your work on available facts rather than your thoughts.The basics definition of the third person is someone on the outside looking in.This is because it gives your work a picture of objectivity rather than personal thoughts.This aspect of objectivity will make your work look more credible and less biased.You are only allowed to adopt these points of view when dealing with active dialogue.Third Person Limited When writing in third person limited, these are some of the things that you need to follow.This is because it will make you work stand from your perspective.In essence, your work will look more personal or of your opinion.This usually arises when the writer tries to avoid being gender specific either when using “him and her.” Usually, one is tempted to simply use “They.”Usually, in creative writing many characters are involved, therefore following the third person omniscient you need to shift your focus to different characters rather than maintaining the actions, words, perspective or thoughts of only one character.The narrator knows it all and can decide to give or hold any actions, feelings or thoughts of a particular character.


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