Sean Puffy Combs Essay

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Turn Bad Boy Records from an unknown label into one of the most powerful world entertainment companies ever to be helmed by someone in their twenties. Following the platinum success of Biggie and Craig Mack, other known artists clamored to have their songs graced by Combs magic touch.

Strengths One only has to look at the Bad Boy roster of acts and the strong catalog to see that this is one their biggest strengths. Artists such as New Edition, KRS-One, Mariah Carey, Lil Kim and others wanted their re-mixes done by the young entrepreneur. G.), Total, 112, MA$E, and new artist Dream are all on the Bad Boy label. rapper MA$E, were at the top of the charts almost the entire year.

Combs continues to be the mastermind behind the label he started.

He recently signed an unknown act from California called “Dream”.

They had early success starting in 1994 when Combs released his child hood friends album “Ready To Die”. This being said to emphasize the power that the label had to sign other hot unknown artists. Every one of the artists has achieved gold, platinum, or multi-platinum sales. Nothing prepared the label for the biggest selling single to come.

That childhood friend was none other than Christopher Wallace a.k.a. As a matter of fact “to date, all of the releases under the Bad Boy label have achieved these staggering sales figures…(AP Wire, December 5). G.” was gunned down in front of Combs outside of an industry party in L. What looked like a catastrophe for the label was actually a godsend. Combs and R&B super group 112, together with Faith Evans recorded a tribute to Biggie entitled, “I’ll be missing you”.He lost his father who was shot dead and was later raised by his single mother.After dropping out from Howard University, where he was studying business, he later established the Bad Boy Records, a record label, which launched the careers of many successful artists in the music industry.Many of their artists albums such as Faith Evans, 112’s “Room 112”, Total’s “Kima, Keisha, and Pam” were all certified gold in 1998, as well as a best of Bad Boy compilation. He was popular enough, “to add Rolling Stone cover guy to his list of lengthy credits (AP Wire, July 15.). Sales were solid for Bad Boy in 19, however 1997 was the year that the tiger was let loose on the hip-hop scene, and it has never been the same since. The shooting in March of 24 year-old Christopher Wallace boosted the ascent of businessman/producer Sean “Puffy” Combs, Bad Boy Records. It was featured on Combs new album: “Puff Daddy and the Family”.The year started off in March with what seemed to be a disaster. In fact during the summer of 1997, most of the songs on the upper reaches of the music charts were either by, featuring, or about “The Notorious B. Based on the 1983 hit, “Every Breath You Take” by the British pop group “The Police”, it went on to sale 3 million copies and garner Combs his first ever Grammy award (Color Blind, March 8.). After a series of successful productions, he came out with his debut album titled, ‘No Way Out’, which became a massive hit.With the success of his debut album, he reached the pinnacle of his music career and went on to produce more hit albums and also launch his own albums.Having a run in law enforcement is not always bad for a rapper. These roots De Curtis adds, are a reason fans identify with troubled rappers: “Those kid see Puffy and Shyne as people who know what their lives are like.” De Curtis says the trial could ironically benefit Combs, whose crossover successes as a businessman and pop star made him “seem a little soft to a hard-core him audience.


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