Se Habla Espanol Essay

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It led me to also believe that in the use of “Se Habla Espanol” Barrientos was trying to hence that it is used in a variety of places with the same three words. It is important to Barrientos because speaking Spanish is what kept the Latino community together and without knowing Spanish she could not call herself a Latina and have pride in herself. The reason Barrientos added Spanish words to the writing is for the reader to see Barrientos’ perspective of knowing Spanish.

Connecting it to the stereotypical Latino that they are all the same did support my impression as the title conveyed that Barrientos saw that the Latinos were people who “wait[ed] tables and clean[ed] hotel rooms.” It meant to Barrientos that speaking Spanish meant to be poor. Without knowing the language, the feeling of being left out is present.

The teasing by the students made me feel embarrassed and shy to speak the English language, giving me a fear of being made fun of or looked at differently.

Practicing the English language with my own siblings and playing with the neighborhood kids who already managed the language gave me more confidence to speak English.

Taking Spanish courses in school was also an advantage, which helped me to get better at my native language and kept me from losing it.

I now speak English and Spanish because I managed to keep my first language.

The most advanced students sometimes made fun of my English.

The students who spoke my own language made more fun of me than the ones who were fluent in English.

Some of the students were much more advanced than others while a group of students at a time were taken apart in at little corner to be taught the numbers, the alphabet, and the sounds of each letter.

At first, speaking English was a bit difficult because I did not feel confident using it with others.


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