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SCORE Denver's mentors will customize one-on-one confidential mentoring to meet your business needs. SCORE Denver workshops include a broad range of topics for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.SCORE works with anyone planning to start a business and to those already in business who are looking to improve their performance. Our workshops provide valuable information and techniques necessary for establishing and managing a successful business.If you do any studies or documented research, you’ll want to include those here.

Writing a business plan is an opportunity to carefully think through every step to achieving your goals for your company.

This is your chance to discover any weaknesses that may threaten your business, identify opportunities you may not have considered, and plan how you will deal with challenges that are likely to arise.

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Embarking on the process of writing a business plan can be daunting at best and downright paralyzing at worst.

It tells potential investors, partners, even customers what they need to know about you and helps them decided if they want to have a business relationship with you. What could be more simple than writing about yourself, your dreams, your ideas, your inspirations?Legal plan members have access to free document reviews from local attorneys and receive deeply discounted rates on legal services for more complicated legal needs.Lawyers can access easy online marketing tools and targeted client referrals.Here you’ll highlight your company’s structure and who’s doing what behind the scenes.If one of your partners has a long history of industry success, this is where you can brag about it.It also serves as a kind of hook to win over investors.Because it needs to summarize the highlights of your entire business plan, you might want to consider writing the executive summary after you’ve tackled everything else.Some workshops are free, while others have a low nominal charge.We offer a wide variety of documents and templates to assist you in starting or growing your business.A business plan should describe what you’re selling, why your customers need it and how it beats the competition.If you have any existing patents or other products in the pipeline, you can throw those in the mix too.


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