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The design of the reading passages and questions is very much like those beginning to appear on standardized tests for science. But even though the content is logically organized and covers each topic fairly well, there’s really not enough content for an entire school year.In fact, might be most useful for test preparation. Yet, students can acquire a substantial amount of science education if they really learn the content and don’t just read through it sufficiently to find the answers to the questions.Stef shares these adventures and hands-on learning activities on Instagram and Twitter.

What if working through one or two lessons a week not only covered all essential science for a year but also taught thinking skills and reading comprehension, not to mention the writing involved?

Science Detective does exactly that with scientific articles followed by true/false questions; diagrams, graphs, and charts; multiple choice opportunities; and more.

He wanted to find clues and somehow crack difficult codes.

I had to explain numerous times a detective uses critical thinking skills to solve answers just like he was doing for each lesson.

Importantly, your children can’t just scan the story for answers—they must carefully analyze and synthesize the information from the text and the charts, tables, and graphs to explain and support their answers.

Whether you are working on reading charts and graphs, answering reading comprehension questions on annual tests, drawing logical conclusions, or even reviewing basic science topics, Science Detective is perfect.

My son was a bit disappointed with the history lessons because he focused on the “detective” and the Sherlock Holmes hat on the cover of this book.

He automatically assumed we’d be on scavenger hunts, checking longitude and latitude for more clues, or traveling around like Carman Sandiego.

There are also one or more questions requiring a full-sentence response.

The passages include content required by the National Science Standards (but not the Next Generation Science Standards).


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