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There are so many chances to do great things at MIT, even as an undergrad!

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JHU's admissions office and academic advisors have been in constant contact with me, making sure I was all set for the semester.

My student alumni ambassador is a wonderful person who has been helping me with JHU on a personally experienced level as she has graduated from the same program. I attended CMU's pre-college summer program and I loved it.

USC has so many perks and resources and I highly recommend getting involved whether it be sports or clubs! From amazing academics to contagious school spirit, I have loved my first year at Michigan. So far, I love everything about Johns Hopkins University.

My professors have been very attentive and answer all my questions quickly, the work is very relevant and there are so many resources to help me.

They have an amazing faculty whom remembered me upon admission.

I took five classes that challenged me to be my very best.Every teacher, student, and dean is so incredibly passionate about the work and everyone is constantly striving to be better which makes the University an amazing place and experience!Columbia University is wholly committed to the academic well-being and personhood of their students inside and outside of studies.Every student is driven, focused, and goal oriented, so the competitive environment pushes you just as hard as the professors!The campus is extremely safe and beautiful and the research opportunities you receive are unlike any other! There's definitely a higher standard and you have to work for your grades but you come out having learned a lot.The unique open curriculum allows students to take courses from a broad range of subjects and helps to ensure they find the right area of study.I personally believed I wanted to go into biomedical engineering, however, after taking a variety of classes at Brown in environmental studies, I have switched my major.Northwestern is a well-balanced school--top notch academics, great arts programs, amazing engineering and science facilities, in a minor city (Evanston) and very close to a major one (Chicago), and even a bit of sports culture.NU students tend to be fun-loving, driven and ambitious, both in their academic and extra-curricular pursuits.It's definitely a work-hard-play-hard atmosphere when you're on campus, and while there is danger in this as you can easily over-extend yourself (and many students do at some point), it makes for a fulfilling four years.This school defines that you can not put a price on the education you receive.


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