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For the expression of distress to take the form of such large-scale destruction is not somehow anomalous or aberrant, but a direct product of our particular cultural moment.In this sense, what made Nikolas Cruz pick up that gun is not the question we should be asking.

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School shootings at elementary, secondary and higher education institutions have been a painful reality for American society.

But can anything realistically be done to prevent these horrific crimes?

"Community mental health providers and professionals, particularly psychiatrists, are essential partners and must continue to seek avenues for working with schools to conduct thorough threat assessments, to identify young persons with significant mental health needs and to develop protocols for identification, prevention, and treatment that will effectively support the social and emotional needs of our most vulnerable youth and communities." More people have died or been injured in mass school shootings in the United States in the past 18 years than in the entire 20th century.

In a new study, researchers have reviewed the history of mass ...

But shows that people’s expressions of social or emotional distress and the form these expressions take differ across time and place because they are closely tied to their social and cultural contexts.

Such expressions, rather than being universal manifestations of organic pathology, are locally meaningful expressions of locally generated distress.

As usual, the gun control folks have called out mental health as a red-herring designed to distract from the issue of guns, while the pro-gun folks try to lay all of the blame on mental illness, claiming that only a as the president put it, would use a gun to shoot up a school.

When even the valiant efforts of Parkland students to use activism to make meaning of their horrifying experiences are met with intense backlash, it is difficult not to feel like we are caught on a kind of sick hamster wheel, futilely running in place while someone, somewhere is nursing the desire to commit the next mass atrocity.

According to a recent study, parental support for the autonomy of young people promotes the well-being of the latter in all major educational transitions: from primary to lower secondary school, from ...

Over the past 25 years, the higher education system in the United States has grown more competitive, with students trying to gain admissions to the most desirable institutions and institutions vying ...


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