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I also want to instill a sense of parkland pride in our community.Truth be told, we have a great college, with great students, professors and staff; and I believe they all deserve recognition for their tremendous service.

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I am asking for your vote so that I may help empower your academic success and voice.

Donia Abdulrazak Senator My name is Donia and I would like to run for senator.

This is my first year at parkland so I am still getting the hang of finding myself around.

Starting off as a senator I think will be great experience for me to actually get to know what goes on in the student government.

During the polling hours, the members of the different parties are seen busily engaged in bringing voters in taxis, cars, three wheels and tongas.

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They canvass and persuade them to cast votes in favor of their candidates.Which leads me to the change I have envisioned for Parkland.As a single parent of children too old for our child care services offered through Parkland, I would like to start a Parent Co-op Program that would allow parents to attend their classes even when their children are not in classes.My desire to help and be a strong voice for those who may not felt heard runs deep, and as your Senator, I promise to listen and lend credence to your concerns as students; helping to bring about changes that not only better the lives of our students but also better the overall experience for all persons at Parkland. I am involved with our community, helping tutor and mentor students from the Urbana APL program, where I was a graduate, and was the keynote speaker at our 2012 graduation ceremony.I became a Dean’s List recipient in the spring of 2015.There is a long line of voters in front of the polling room.In the afternoon there is an interval after which polling starts again.I hope you all vote Cedric Jones for president in the next election. Crystal Bates Senator I have a strong desire to become your Student Senator at Parkland to lend a voice to non-traditional students who are also parents, such as myself.The 2015-2016 year is my junior year at Parkland on my journey to acquire my Associates Degree in Social Work.I would be more then proud to be a senator because I as a person just love being involved and giving new ideas and putting thoughts out there and even if they are not being used it makes other people brain storm even bigger and better.I am open to ideas from all over whether it was a parkland student, student government or even someone who graduated parkland because all ideas are important no matter where they come from because thoughts have been said out loud and that’s what got us into the generation we are in today.


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